PCSL Match

On March 30, APG hosted our inaugural Practical Competition Shooting League 2-gun Match. Two gun is a mixture of USPSA style pistol shooting, with the addition of short to medium range carbine target arrays. This is your opportunity to test your skills and have some fun with more than one firearm platform. Competitors can use either pistol & carbine or pistol & PCC.

These matches take some additional effort to set up and take down, which is why we are offering them on a trial basis this season. We will host a match on the months where we have 5 Saturdays, with this match taking place on the fifth Saturday of each month.

Here are the tentative 2024 dates:

March 30
June 29
August 31
November 30

If this style of shooting sounds fun to you, please show your support by signing up, and helping facilitate set up! As you know, APG events are volunteer run in order to keep costs down and keep these sports accessible to as many as possible.