NRA – Instructor Pistol Shooting

The NRA Instructor Class for 2024 is scheduled for October 7,8 and 9 at  the Quality Inn and the shooting portion on October 12 at the Whitewater Range.

Cost: $280.00/person. 150 rounds. Space is limited so please sign up early or contact APG at 970-424-5138 with questions.    


Instructor Candidates must have successfully completed the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting-Instructor Led Class as a prerequisite to taking this class! This is an NRA requirement. We are offering this class on April 19/20 and July 19/20.  
Instructor candidates should be safe, competent, and experienced shooters with a desire to conduct basic firearms training at the grassroots level. The course will be taught by our Training Counselor, David Gifford.    
It is our hope that graduates of this training will choose to join the APG Staff of Instructors, but this is not a requirement to take the class. For those who do choose to join us, we will provide ongoing mentoring as you develop your instruction skills.  New Instructors who help us teach 5 classes will receive a $100 gift card to help offset the cost of training. 
For the live fire on Saturday – Students should bring the following equipment:  A firearm in good condition.  Two magazines (more preferred).  150 rounds of ammunition.  Eye protection and electronic hearing protection (available to rent from APG for $10 per day).  Ear plugs or barrier ear muffs will not be acceptable.  A holster and a magazine carrier.  

Schedule:  October 7-9 evening classes will start promptly at 5pm in the Quality In in Grand Junction.  Range time – will start at 9 am on October 12 at the Whitewater Range. 

We intend to teach the NRA Instructor course annually, but could add a class if there is strong interest.

Registration Deadline: Please register and pay for the class as soon as possible.  Minimum class size is 4 students, but we hope to fill the class with 10-12.  If the class is cancelled due to not having enough students, the registered students will be “fully refunded”. 

Questions? Email Us!
Call us! 970.424.5138