NRA – Rifle Instructor Bootcamp



Action Pistol Group is excited to host NRA Training Counselor, Suzanne Freehauf, on June 21-23, at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex.  Suzanne will be teaching the NRA Basic Rifle course followed immediately by the NRA Instructor Rifle course.  To our knowledge, this will be the first time that this training has been offered on the Western Slope.  The NRA Basic Rifle Course will teach the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe use of a rifle in target shooting.  The Basic course is a prerequisite to take the NRA Instructor Rifle Course.  Immediately following the Basic class, Suzanne will teach the NRA Instructor Rifle course where instructor candidates will demonstrate organizational and teaching skills by participating in practical exercises, pass the instructor examination, and pass a shooting qualification.

This class is an incredible training opportunity for Western Slope residents who want to earn the NRA Rifle Instructor credential.  The normal fee for these two classes is $500, however, Suzanne has agreed to offer the class for $375 and Action Pistol Group has agreed to cover the Cameo range fee for all the students seeking the Instructor credential.  If you were seeking this training on your own, you would have to make two trips to Denver or Salt Lake, stay overnight in a hotel and pay to eat in restaurants.

For Instructor Candidates who want to take advantage of this opportunity, register first on the NRA websites to make sure the classes are open.  Then register and pay for the class here on the APG website.  APG will pay Suzanne. 

APG  highly recommends you join the NRA prior to taking the class.  Even if only for 1 year.  If you have an NRA Number, certification usually goes smoothly.  If you don’t have a number, processing can be delayed.  You end up getting a non-member number anyway and the fee is higher to establish and renew your credential.


First:  Register on BOTH of these NRA links, THEN register and pay on this site: