Introduction to Competitive Shooting, 3-Gun Edition

Over the last couple years in the Intro to Competitive Shooting class, quite a few people have asked about an Intro to 3-Gun class.  If you are interested in taking this class, send us an email at:  with your name, address, phone number, and email.

Russ Hassinger will be the lead instructor.  If we run the class, it will be at CSEC on March 13th.  Cost for the class will be $20 which will be collected in cash or check at the class.  You will be notified by Russ if the class is a GO!  If you are not notified by March 1, then you should assume we did not get enough interest and there will not be a class.

It will require about 100 rounds of ammo for each gun, and shotgun ammo needs to be birdshot only, #7½ or smaller shot size, lead only.