Whitewater Range Membership Application

Membership Requirements

New members must be recommended by an Action Pistol Group Board Member and be

  1. a graduate of the Advanced Action Pistol Group C&C Class, or
  2. an active IDPA and USPSA Safety Officer, or
  3. a current IDPA or USPSA member who has participated in at least two APG sponsored competitions in the previous three months.

Members can enjoy the range seven days a week, except during the occasional APG shooting class or event.

If you qualify for membership and would like to join the range, contact an APG Board member and request their recommendation.  Then, download the range application and range rules.  Read the rules, complete the application, and mail the application with a check for either an Individual ($60) or Family ($100) membership to:
APG, PO Box 1761, Grand Junction, CO 81502
You will be notified when your application is approved.  We may want to meet you at the range for a brief orientation.