Beginning Sunday, November 24, 2019 and continuing on each Second Sunday of the Month thereafter APG will be sponsoring two Long Range Precision Jackpot Matchs (LRP) at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex. Below are links to the Jackpot Rules and General Information, Game Descriptions, Scoring Materials (for the Range Safety Officers), and Practiscore Registration & Payment Form. Games are open to the general public for a fee of $20. Games are limited to 18 shooters, so advance registration and payment is required. Participants may also wish to enter a "$5 Jackpot" for each relay they have entered. The winning shooter gets 1/2 of the pot for that relay. PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LRP RULES BEFORE ATTENDING A MATCH. Initially there will be one afternoon match, but if and when demand permits we will offer a morning match as well.


LRP Jackpot Rules

LRP Jackpot Games

RSO Materials

See the November 24th Match Scores

Register/Pay For the December 8th Match