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Why Train With APG?

    We feature a comprehensive course of instruction covering firearms law, safe operation, and maintenance of firearms. Our training far exceeds the Colorado State requirements for obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit. We have a mix of both male and female NRA Certified Instructors.

    You will receive live fire shooting instruction and participate in exercises designed to quickly develop your confidence in loading and shooting your pistol. Each shooter will receive one-on-one coaching to maximize safety and learning.

    After completion of your course, you with receive complementary access to the Department of Parks and Wildlife indoor range one day per month. This is a great opportunity to practice your shooting skills in a comfortable environment. You will also become eligible to join the Action Pistol Group shooting club and gain access to our private range near Whitewater.

    You must provide your own firearm and 200 rounds of ammunition for the live fire training. If you have questions about what type of firearm to use, or need some advice on purchasing one; please call the contact number on the registration form or Click Here to register for a class.

    The fee for the training is $75.00 per person.

 What's Included


Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Basic Pistol and Live Fire Instruction - 2020 Basic Classes: February 8, April 4, and August 29.

The Pistol Law Section is normally taught by a law enforcement officer or attorney; this class provides knowledge of your legal rights and obligations regarding firearms ownership, possession and self defense.

The Basic Pistol Training deals with the various types of firearms, their use, operation, and maintenance. Class also includes levels of awareness, basic rules of gun safety and more.


Live Fire Instruction

Live amunition drills (approx. 200 rounds) with one-on-one attention from a certified NRA instructor using the techniques and drills taught in the Basic Pistol Training.

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