Advanced NRA Certified Cources of Instruction

We offer two courses of instruction for students wanting to take their skills to a higher level:

First, the NRA 14-Hour Course, "Basics Of Personal Protection Outside The Home";

Second, the "Combat Focus Shooting" series of courses designed by Rob Pincus and instructed by the local certified instructor, Mike Will.

Here is additional information about these advanced cources:

The Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home



Our advanced class takes personal awareness to the next level. It
is an all-day class shot from a holster, utilizing many exercises to
improve skills while on the move and from a holster. A strong-side
holster which can be accessed in and out with one hand is
required. Multiple magazines are required for reloading during the
exercise. Note: Completion of the basic class is required before
taking this course.


Continuing with our training, carry modes and presenting the pistol from concealment are explored. Exercises at the shooting range help prepare the student for presentation, position, movement and learning special shooting techniques. As in all NRA courses, the student will complete the course by demonstrating the proper knowledge, skill and attitude necessary to own and operate a firearm.



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Combat Focus Shooting Courses of Instruction

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 Mike Will, Certified Instructor - My Credentials

The Combat Focus Shooting Program is an intuitive shooting program designed by Rob Pincus to work efficiently with the body's natural reactions during a dynamic critical incident. Unlike many traditional programs, CFS does not take a purely mechanical approach to shooting training in isolation from the context in which the skill must be used. CFS is not simply "point shooting," it is a training methodology that leads to more efficient defensive shooting skill.

Combat Focus Shooting is the core program of the I.C.E. Training Company and is being taught by certified instructors around the United States and Europe. CFS has been successfully integrated into various military and law enforcement training programs and is the most efficient way for anyone interested defensive firearms skills to develop their abilities.

Monitor this site for information on Mike's next scheduled class.

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